Baynard Residence

Project: Master bath, second bedroom & bathroom, kids play room, exterior renovation
Goal: Go from frumpy to friendly
Architect: Miller Nicholson, AIA
Name: Baynard family
Project Completed: 2010

More bathrooms = family harmony.

It's a simple fact. If you have more family members than bathrooms, there will come a time when the peaceful bliss of family harmony will be interrupted by furious pounding on an occupied bathroom door. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, and you also happen to love your neighborhood, there's only one option: call the pros at Hopedale Builders.

Hopedale builders took what was a modest, perfectly uninspiring 1930's brick home and turned the awesome up to 11, adding 2 new bathrooms, a new bedroom, and a major facelift to the front of the house that gave it some serious curb appeal. With enough bathrooms for a family on the go, (pun totally intended), this house is now the envy of all the other homes on the block.