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Project: 360º house remodel
Goal: Bring an old house back to life
Ezrine family
Architect:  Laughing Dog Studio Architecture
Project Completed:
Everything old is new again.
Take an old house, that by today’s standards is too small, too inefficient, and too plain. Add in just the right amount of design sensibilities and expert construction and the end result is what you see here. In other words; perfection.

At one point in time the Ezrine home was a modest home for a small family, and it had served its previous owners well. Now it needed a complete makeover in order to work for the growing Erzine family. The experts at Hopedale Builders completely gutted the interior and, by placing an addition off the rear of the house, created the perfect place for a new kitchen and Master suite. The house now looks and feels like the comfortable, spacious, well-designed home it is.

We like to think of it as a successful mid-life crisis for a house.