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Project: Exterior renovation/screened porch
Goal: Bring a dream kitchen to life
Irwin family
Architect: Miller Nicholson, AIA
Project Completed:
Botox for Homes.
Sometimes a house just needs a little extra TLC. And then there are times when you have to bring in the heavy hitters, the big guns, the A-Team. This 1946 house had, as they say in the business, ‘Good bones’. It was solid structurally, and had almost everything the family needed. Curb appeal, however, was not one of those things.

Hopedale Builders was called in to relieve the house of its 1970‘s ‘remuddling’ and to increase the visual feeling of the interior space with a gorgeous screened porch and a fresh new deck.  By utilizing an exterior fireplace, the family gained a centralized gathering place for family and friends that also created a buffer between the Irwins and their neighbor’s homes.

For the piece´de resistance, Hopedale turned their attention to the entry and replaced the worn and outdated balcony with low maintenance cypress trim and copper roofing, and finished it all off with coordinating details. (Insert wolf-whistle here.)