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Hopedale Builders is committed to using building techniques, products and tradesmen that are of the highest quality and ensure well built homes that endure the test of time. We realize that it can be difficult for a client to understand the difference between something that is well built and something that is built to code requirements.

To that end, the following are some questions that the client should be asking the contractor to help understand the degree of quality.

  • What type of roof sheathing is being used 5/8” or 7/16”?
  • What type of roof underlayment is being used, #15 felt or synthetic underlayment?
  • Is Moisture resistant drywall being used in wet locations (bathrooms and garages?)
  • Is the bottom two feet of the exterior sheathing pressure treated?
  • Is there a drainage plane between the exterior siding and the house wrap?
  • Are the windows installed by a certified installer with a drain pan?
  • Is a vinyl shower pan being used in the showers?
  • How are the walls of the shower or Tub / shower water proofed?
  • What is the floor tile laid on, is there a separation membrane?
  • What kind of duct work is being used on the mechanical system?  Is it flex duct or metal?
  • What size are the footings?  Are they the minimum code requires? Is rebar included?
  • What kind of windows is being used?  What is their warranty?
  • What kind of exterior trim is being used?  Is it back primed?

 Be sure to email us for photos and videos of these techniques and products.