Rizer Residence

Project: Exterior Renovation/New Garage
Goal: A garage to fit the homeowner and a home's history
Name: Rizer Residence
Architect: Don Duffy
Project Complete: Fall, 2013

Welcome to SUV town.

If SUVs existed in 1935, this lovely historic home might have been built with a functional garage. As it was, the home's garage was tacked on circa pre-SUV era, and added no functional or aesthetic value to the residence. In fact, quite the opposite was true. The Hopedale team jumped in to offer something in keeping with the family's needs: a garage that complimented the style of the house while satisfying the homeowners' desire for storage space and plenty of room for vehicles.

Part of the challenge was a shared driveway, the close proximity of the neighbor's garage, and a diagonal rear property line.

The solution was to construct the new garage with a clipped corner so it could be nestled in the back angle of the yard, then we used brick, slate, and hard-coat stucco that are sensitive to the historic design era of the home. We even added a second story above the lower-level parking area, to take care of their need for ample storage space. The end result was a new garage that appears to original to the home design, and complements the beauty of its historic surroundings.

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