Poole Residence

Project: Whole house remodel
Goal: More space + cool kitchen
Name: Schanzlin family
Architect: Laughing Dog Studio Architecture
Project Completed: 2004

"Honey, I shrunk the kids!"

When your house suddenly feels like it was left in the dryer too long, you have two options: increase the size of the house or shrink the kids. Since Apple hasn't perfected the 'Shrink my kids' app, the Shanzlin family did the next best thing, they called Hopedale Builders to undertake a major transformation of their existing home. And when we say major renovation, it's major with a capital M.

An addition was built to make room for a new master suite, an extra bedroom and two bathrooms, plus the downstairs was expanded to incorporate a glorious new kitchen, eating area and new mudroom entrance. Some of the highlights of the kitchen include; custom cabinets and storage built-ins, granite countertops, six-burner gas range and custom tile work incorporating glass, stone and terrazzo tile. Can you say scrumptious?

If you find yourself dealing with Expanding Family Syndrome give Hopedale Builders a call.