Weinmiller Residence

Project: Major remodeling
Goal: Double the size of the house
Name: Weinmiller family
Architect: Miller Nicholson, AIA
Project Completed: 2008

House doubles in size. Story at 11.

Take a 2 bedroom/ one bath ranch house and increase it to 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms by adding an incredible Master Suite, 2 more bathrooms, a new kitchen, laundry room, family room and a full second floor complete with space for a studio over the garage and you have what we affectionately call...HEAVEN! This house went from a sleepy little ranch to the beauty queen of the block, thanks in large part to the craftsmen at Hopedale Builders.

The elegant transformation incorporated modern materials and design but fit perfectly into the existing neighborhood, and even was a hit with the family cat. One of the most interesting touches was adding a breezeway to the second floor garage studio that tied the project together and added visual interest that was lacking in the original floor plan.

The real test of how successful this major remodeling is when the Weinmillers start talking about their favorite new part of the house, which is that it is enough room for this growing family and they can stay in the neighborhood they love.